"The Beast" - Beacon Hill, Boston, MA

320m of anaerobic madness!

"Derek was motivational since day 1. He really enjoys what he does so it is very fun working with him. He makes the whole thing very personable and includes your friends and relatives in your end goal. My boyfriend really appreciates the lower body toning and gives me compliments on it every day haha! Too bad we didn't get good weather to go outside, but in July I will be working with him again. Can't wait!!!" 
– Clarissa T., 24

An in-hone client with her daughter after a race. Feeling motivated!

TEEM Performance Training originally began in Cambridge, MA in August 2009. To date, clients have been served in Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, Medford, and Malden. Due to the unique structure of TEEM, TEEM-Retro refers to clients that have been served in the above areas as well as in any other metropolitan areas that may see future training sessions: in the world of in-home training, it is possible to train anyone in their home.

Online Exercise Programming is now available! TEEM has moved to the Washington, DC area with respect to visiting the Boston area now.  The clients in Boston have been exceptionally great to train in-person on a regular basis since 2009! Thank you!

Train. Energize. Empower. Move.