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Incline-run up Monroe Street, NE, Washington, DC

​Best incline in Brookland-Woodridge neighborhoods

"Introduced me to new stretching and weight exercises; responded to my physical peculiarities and needs with advice and recommendation; brought a positive attitude to the whole project." - Mark S., 55

The Washington, DC area serves as the birth of what TEEM Performance Training was like before it officially became TEEM. The in-home training opportunities started here back in 2006. TEEM is making a comeback to the DC area with new found knowledge and depth. The area is saturated with busy and thorough individuals who demand a sound workout among the hustle and bustle of the Nation's  Capital Region.

Welcome to Washington, DC - view from the 14th Street brige

Group Training: "Great workout and a good way to start your morning off. I enjoyed the variety of exercises and change in speeds of the movements. Would definitely participate in more sessions if I can just get up early enough." 
- Martin H.