Outdoor training: Inverted row on the bike rack

These workout sessions were fun and tough at the same time.  I really enjoyed the variety of the program each time.  It was very motivating! - Kia

Train...for a race, for a wedding, to be fit. get through the day

Empower...yourself and others. 

Move...because you're



Due to TEEM's structure, the pricing is very different versus your typical gym or training facility. In addition, services include the following:


  • Online Exercise Program!
  • Individual Training
  • Group Training (3 to 10 individuals)
  • Couple/Paired (2 individuals)
  • Outdoor Group Training
  • Combo: Individual & Group Training
  • Sports Team Training
  • Bring Your Unit Hockey 

Special Rates:

  • Brides' Stride/Bridal Parties
  • ​Military
  • Senior Citizens
  • Students
  • Athlete/sport clinic

* Rates depend on where you live as a reference point from where the exercise specialist is traveling. So, yes...if you live many states away, then you could be a TEEM Performance Training client!

An in-home client performing the stationary lunge


Brides' Stride client working hard for the wedding day

How is TEEM Performance Training different from a regular gym? There are many differences. But, the main difference is that you can save roughly 46% of the amount of money that you would spend at a gym if you received training sessions. You also receive a more personal environment.

Who does the training, and do I have to pay a membership fee? All training is performed by Derek. Currently, TEEM is looking for a regional Exercise Specialist for the Greater Boston Area. But, no, you do not pay a membership fee. You only pay by the session package (cash, check, or Paypal)

Do you offer free sessions? Complimentary sessions have been offered in the past. A strong referral system, volunteerism, and other personal development opportunities are ways to gain free sessions.

If you do not have a facility, then where do you train? Sessions are either performed in the home setting (i.e., condo, apartment, or house), in a neutral indoor setting such as a school gymnasium or recreational facility, or outdoors in any season.

I live in another city. Would you still be able to train me? Yes, you can be trained if you outside of the main operating area. With in-home training this option is very possible. Costs depend on living zones.

Do you sell any other products? Yes. 

May I workout with my friends? Of course, you can bring along your friends. The TEEM structure is unique and effective for group workouts. A referral system is set up as well to assist in optimizing your training experience.

Does my health insurance reimburse me for training with TEEM? In the past, TEEM clients have been reimbursed by their health insurance company.

Do you work with kids? Yes, kids are welcome to be trained starting at age 12 and older. Training focuses primarily on technique in the earlier adolescent years and more detailed athletic development in the older adolescent.   

What types of other programs do you offer? Different exercise programs are compiled to assist an individual in reaching their health and fitness goals. Everyone's situation and human performance background is respected. Some of the programs include the following:

<<Athlete Mentorship Program (AMP)>>   <<Outdoor Group Training>>    <<Referral System>>    <<Bride Strides>>

I do not have enough time to exercise, so I cannot participate in any physical activity? Wait a have enough time. You may just need a program that complements your short time well. Let's see what can be done.

I have an injury. Can you work with my condition? Several TEEM clients have come to TEEM with previous injuries. TEEM specialists adhere to other specialists' advice (doctors, physical therapists). There is an amount of skill and proper guidance working with previous or lingering injuries.

Money is tight for me right now. How can you work with my situation? Financial situations are stressful. In this circumstance, your program can be tweaked to complement your financial state.

I am not fit enough to participate in any physical activity, so how can I become fit? First, you can do it. Your achievements will be the result of a good mindset.

Do you have other forms of communication? Sure do. You can visit TEEM on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and on Blogger. There are links on the website to these places as well.

Train. Energize. Empower. Move.