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Poised to train with a passion and to serve vastly, TEEM pays attention to the whole person and his/her surroundings, offering flexibility, form, and function in workout dynamics. 

The TEEM Performance Training philosophy guides 10% (of your goals'  pursuit) and puts you in position to motivate the other 90%, optimizing results, autonomy, accountability, and confidence.

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Since 2009, TEEM Performance Training, LLC is a health, fitness, and athletics organization that utilizes the strengths of delivering quality one-on-one, team, or group workout/exercise sessions in the in-home and outdoors settings. TEEM (short name) is about establishing sound relationships with clients that will keep them engaged, motivated, and inspired to continue to stay fit. Having the longevity client - a client who has been with TEEM for over a year - is a staple. The typical TEEM client is highly motivated.

TEEM birthed as a result of recognizing the diversity of the human performance realm in that every workout does not always need a gym. You live, work near, and congregate around the most interesting and largest gym atmospheres: your home and the outdoors.


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TEEM has no tolerance for slandering or belittling other trainers, coaches, etc, who are also trying to positively assist other people reach their goals. It is a vast industry full of qualified professionals! 

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