1. Get introduced to EPEPs.
  2. Get interviewed.
  3. Video is made.
  4. Video is sent.

What is the Essence of E-Personalized Exercise Programs (EPEPs)? Do not overlook EPEPs. It is a recent addition to TEEM as of June 2016. Surely, anyone can go online and receive exercise tips or try cool exercises. But, do those at your own risk. None of those tips and exercises is personalized. This advice is said sparingly because TEEM has tips and exercises online as well. Yet, the essence comes from knowing the individuals’ goals and preparing a functional video that coaches a client to be dependent upon the personalized instruction and independent based on their inspiration to follow through. You never have to appear in a video. Only the specialist appears on behalf of your personalization. 

Train. Energize. Empower. Move.

Derek has been a blessing in terms of helping me get back into shape. We meet weekly and provided various exercises I could do at home or outside without having a gym membership. He also face good suggestions on my eating habits. Those few months of accountability helped me to continue my health & exercise regiment. Although he is no longer in the same state he is still accessible if I have a question in regards to my health. Derek is a coach with a smile! He wasn't taking any excuses and always pushed me to be my best! Thanks Derek!Teri G.