Daunte Abercrombie (@blkhky) 

Steel City Warriors (FHL 2014); Brewster Bulldogs (FHL 2015)

Daunte is one heck of a focused and determined athlete. His aspirations to play in the NHL are high and attainable. The fact that he was invited to an ECHL camp says a lot about his work ethic.

Bring Your Unit Hockey (BYU Hockey) is sponsored by TEEM Performance Training as an ice hockey camp. The first camp was held in June 2015 in Baltimore, MD. There are a plethora of hockey camps around the nation. Bring Your Unit Hockey serves youth to college athletes, especially those in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Hone your skills in the spring and summer.You are a hockey player in the fall or winter. 

There's a solid foundation that can built upon. - Daunte A. on the condition of BYUH camp

Be well conditioned. Click on the photo for a good article on this topic:

Train. Energize. Empower. Move.