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Born in DC and raised in Silver Spring, MD, I spent valuable time in the Boston area - specifically Cambridge - honing TEEM Performance Training. 

My love for health and fitness stirs back to my active childhood. I was active in several organized sports, mainly playing ice hockey, soccer, and track, camps, after school activities, and my parents complemented my zeal for activity.  Founding TEEM in 2009, put the icing on an area of the industry that is very open. My experiences working at various gyms in both DC and Boston were worthwhile in terms of gathering knowledge and establishing fitness relationships.

After doing a workout at 6:40am, I felt more inclined to do more exercise the next day; and went for a walk with my friend. I'm not the most self-motivated exerciser.- Kiki, 27

Being able to relate to many different personalities and exercises responses is fun. Collaborating with other health professionals is a good way to go far with TEEM. Essentially, there is more to this work than simply muscle building and weight loss. There is access, relationships, opportunity, and creativity. TEEM teems with those qualities. 

Before TEEM:
College - my love for Kinesiology spawned at Penn State University, receiving my bachelors of science, in addition to playing and coaching ice hockey at PSU. It continued to Northeastern University (MA), where I spent some time in physical therapy school and worked as an athletic training intern with the New England Patriots in 2008. My time at Bridgewater State University (MA), where I received my master's of science, opened other doors to the health & fitness world. 

High School - Juggling the rigors of high school sports as well as youth sports while at Gonzaga (DC) was challenging and the early stages of my current human performance pursuit.

Other Information - NSCA-CSCS and ACE-CPT certified...Licensed Training Provider (certifies individuals in CPR)...USA Hockey Level 4 Coach...Has worked with clients aged 6 to 88 years old...Cambridge Public Health Department (Men's Health Program Coordinator)...loves bicycling, attending cheaper sporting events, walking/running, relaxing on the beach.

Derek Arledge, MS, CSCS

I like the way he [Derek] figured out ways to help me come back from my injury and found exercises that would allow me to improve my strength. - Molly S., 15