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Outdoor Boot Camps

The first outdoor boot camp will begin on Saturday, March 23, 2013 at 3pm at Danehy Park in North Cambridge. We will meet on the south end of the Cambridge Champions Track and Field by the picnic tables where you will see an orange TEEM Performance Training table cloth. The track is easily accessible via the New Street entrance to Danehy Park.

Each boot camp session  will last 60-minutes. Each series last for 4 weeks, meeting twice per week (Saturdays and one week day) with the option of make-up days during the week for time missed.  Beginners and advanced level participants are welcome. If necessary, we will split up in to groups, separating the levels. Below, you may fill out the registration form and use PayPal for purchase.

The PAR-Q will be filled out on your first day. If you are unable to attend the initial orientation and workout on March 23rd, tune back to the website for more information and announcements.

All other announcements will be made via email and/or social media.

Session rates: $8 per session - $64 per 4-week series - $320 for the season

Fitness Boot Camp Sessions:
 - Thursdays from 6am to 7am... Saturdays from 3pm to 4pm. However, there is the option to change times based on participant availability. After April 13th, boot camp times and days will most likely be more set as more of the public is informed.
- March 23rd to April 20th
- April 27th to May 25th
- June 1st to June 29th
- July 6th to August 3rd
- August 10th to September 7th

 *You will be informed when we will not meet on a weekend date. In this case, an alternate weekday date and time is facilitated.

                                                             Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp Registration Form

Once you have completed the form below, your information will be sent to Derek, the primary trainer/coach, at Then, you will receive a confirmation email. You are not officially signed up until you have purchased your fitness boot camp sessions, which you made complete via the PayPal button at the bottom of this page. If you choose to pay via check or cash, you must fill out this registration form. In this manner, registration will run smoother on the first day. Thank you for your interest in your health and fitness!

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Primary Fitness Goal:
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Have your exercise experiences been mostly positive or negative?:
Would you classify your exercise level as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced?:
How did you hear about this fitness boot camp (word of mouth, website, social media, and/or flyer)?:
Think of one person who would like to refer and that would benefit from this exercise experience (we will come back to this as well):
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