Train - for a race, for fitness, for a wedding!

Energize - to get through the day!

Empower - yourself & others. Pay it forward!

Move - use your body mind, and spirit!
These workout sessions were fun and tough at the same time.  I really enjoyed the variety of the program each time.  It was very motivating!  - Kia

I like the way he [Derek] figured out ways to help me come back from my injury and found exercises that would allow me to improve my strength. - Molly S., 15

Volunteer with TEEM Performance Training at Community Servings in Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA and receive a free session!


TEEM Performance Training

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 Cambridge, MA 02141

 No membership required. All training is in-home, outdoors, or indoors where permitted!

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Training times are flexible. They also depend on the season. The earliest training session start time is 5:30am.
*Preference of outdoor sessions or indoor sessions.

Building the best in-home & outdoor training!
Founded in 2009, TEEM Performance Training is an in-home and outdoor health, fitness, and athletics organization with a mission to improve overall athleticism for the competing athlete, and to assist with implementing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the non-athlete. At TEEM, it is understood that all individuals face daily challenges that affect their ability to reach their personal athletic and fitness goals.  It is imperative to aid individuals in overcoming these challenges.


TEEM Performance Training™ values stellar attitude, community, creativity, diversity, fun, and learning.  Clients of all ages and skill levels and various socioeconomic backgrounds are served. There is a large commitment to implement the appropriate tools to help a diverse clientele base to reach their health-related goals.

Outlook & Philosophy

  • Form, function, and position are important pillars in training. The fitness industry often changes as ideas ignite. 
  • Motivation. It is key to your health, fitness, and athletic successes. 
  • Body Weight. There is not a need to rush in to lifting heavy.
  • Going Hard. You do not always need to increase the intensity in every session. 
  • Mental focus. Do not talk yourself out of the exercise level in which you should or are motivated to achieve. 

***TEEM has no tolerance for slandering or belittling other trainers, coaches, etc, who are also trying to positively assist other people reach their goals. It is a vast industry full of qualified professionals!*** 


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